About Us


Alice Han, saw everyone and their individual unique way of expressing who they were with the way they dressed.  Fascinated by the endless possibility there is in making a statement of self with creativity using fabrics made of  myriads of various  yarns, special finishes, and colors  she founded her company THE F-HOUSE in 2010.   Servicing both women's and  men's with  Woven and Knit fabrics,  and a team of experts that are specifically assigned to individual accounts to manage daily communications with internal and external parties on any given program from its inception till it is completely executed.  Keeping a sharp eye on the trends of the times along with the impact of the social, economic, and global event that affect expressions, we successfully continue to adapt to the changes and continue to be a major player as a Manufacturing and Supplying  of a variety of products to many of the leading Fashion Brands and Retail Stores Globally.